Seven Vails Preventing People From Seeing God

To become anything in life,everyone needs to either seek the Creator or a Creature.Talking about a creature can take us to any length.However,a creature is a creature.What man seeks besides God,Creator in the physical or spiritual,is a creature.Even those that seek and see satan do so to a creature. He created nothing.He is also a created being in the hand of God.So,to seek satan is to see a creature of God.
It is only the wise ones that seek and seek the Creator,God,Himself.To walk with Him is the best.He can make you comfortable here in eternity.To refuse to see God is equal to striving against God.What will be the portion of such people?
‘Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker!Let the potsher strive with the potsherd of the earth.
Shall the clay say to him that fashioned it,what makest thou? or thy work,He hath no hands?’
Isaiah45:9 (King James Version -KJV)
It is sad that there are groups of people who ‘seek’ God in various ways but do not see God.To many of them,the more they think they seek God,the farther they are from seeing Him.We read in 2 Corinthians 3:14-17 that
But their minds were blinded;for until this day remaineth the same vail untaken away in the reading of the old testament;which vail done away in Christ
But even unto this day,when Moses is read,the vail is upon their heart.
Now the Lord is that Spirit:and where the Spirit of the Lord is,there is liberty.’ KJV
These statements are in respect of a group of people who see themselves as people of God but have not seen God.A vail is over their hearts.Whereas,the vail is taken away only in Christ.
Now,let us consider seven plausible coverings or vails that blindfold people from seeing God.
Vail One.
The first covering that blindfold people from seeing God is sin.What then is sin?Apostle John simplified it in verse four of the third chapter of his first book as ‘sin is lawlessness.’
By nature,and since its commencement in the garden of Eden,man loves lawlessness.The Lord our God rules the world with laws.The law of God is for the benefits of man.It strengthens the relationship between man and God,if obeyed.
As beneficial as obeying the commands of God is,man will not want to.Man,after eating the forbidden fruit that came from ‘a tree desirable to make one wise’,would not want to obey God.He will want to go in his own ways-contrary to God’s.Everyone thinks he/she is now mature and wise enough,if not wiser than God.
Man will not want to go in the way of Moses who prefer ‘choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin(lawlessness)-Heb.11:25.Every man by nature is delighted in fully enjoying the passing pleasure of sin.
Sin sinks sinners into eternal damnation!The ‘wages of sin is death'(Rom 6:23a).
To an unrepentant sinner,it is double death.Death now,in the physical and death in hell fire,after this life.In either case,a sinner shall not see God.He loves sinners but hate their sins.He cannot bear sins because He is an Holy God.
The book of Hebrews12:14-17 informs us thus,p
‘Pursue peace with all people,and holiness,without which no one will see the Lord:looking carefully let any one fall short of the grace of God:
lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble,and by this many became defiled;lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau,who for one morsel of food sold his birthright.
For you know that afterward,when he wanted to inherit the blessing,he was rejected,for he found no place for repentance,though he sought it diligently with tears’.(New King James Version)
Seeing the Lord our God calls for pursuit of peace and holiness.This makes it mandatory to look very carefully by watching one’s acts,words and thoughts.
Any form of bitterness must be eschewed.Bitterness must be uprooted in its entirety from the heart.The losses acruing to a sinner who refuse to repent may be very great,here and hereafter.He may seek later for a room to repent with tears unsuccessfully.
To see God,the Father,you must see God the son.If you see the Lord Jesus Christ,you have seen God,the Father.Why is this so?Jesus answered,
‘I and My Father are one.’ John10:30.
Why is it so difficult for a sinner,someone who disobeys God,to see Him?The reason is because God is holy and anyone that will see God must be holy.
Therefore,the pleasures of sin blindfolds sinners.When you tell them to repent now for tomorrow may be late,the replies are different and varied.However,they all point to the pleasures of sin that can not save but destroy them.
Now,you must examine your way of life.Do you have any sin in it? No matter the tenporary pleasure you derive from it,confess it to your Creator to forgive you in Jesus Name.Tell Him to give you the power,grabe and the spirit to walk with Him eternally.
Let us meet next week ,by God grace,to consider the second vail that can prevent you from seeing God.


About 4thlink

I am a full time Minister of God based in Nigeria,West Africa. I am an accountant turned preacher with grace to utter a word of comfort for every person that needs it. I have special interest creating a happy home because I hate divorce as God does.I've been used of God to heal broken homes & hearts. My hobbies include,reading,writing,photography & listening to good christian music.
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