It Can Liberate You Also

“I am now a responsible husband, father and Christian”, O’Kenny said.

“Were you not one before?” Abbey asked, puzzled.

“No! I wasn’t.” O’Kenny confirmed.

The Lord instructed Joshua,
“This book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.” Joshua 1:8.

The watchword here is obedience to the Law of the Lord; good success and prosperity are the rewards.

So many children of God fail to take God’s instructions to heart not to talk of obeying them. A good percentage of those who read and meditate on the Word of God engage in “selective obedience” instead of ALL THAT IS WRITTEN IN IT.”

In both cases, there are penalties to pay! It is sad that such people wrongly accuse God of wrongdoings. They never know that they are paying prices for disobedience.

This was the case with O’Kenny.

One day, he was on a visit to Abbey, his friend to give him an “assignment”.

What was it?

He said to him,
“Please Abbey, I want you to thank my wife for being responsible for our house rent, children school fees and clothing all of us in the family.”

Abbey agreed to do this.

Days and weeks passed but Abbey could not meet with the woman but the man kept reminding him to carry out the assignment.

One day, the two met and Abbey expressed the gratitude to the woman.

She really appreciated it.

Next visit by O’Kenny to Abbey’s office opened a can of worms. The former came to inquirie whether or not the latter had carried out his assignment.

Abbey confirmed it.

However, a question arose within Abbey,
“Brother O’Kenny, do you pay your tithes and offerings faithfully?”

O’kenny laughed hysterically, opening his mouth wide as he stamped his right leg on the ground. He also said,
“Tithes and offerings? It is those ministers that will spend it on their own welfare.”

Darkness enveloped Abbey. He robbed his face with his right hand several times to see clearly whether it was his friend talking or not.

“Does it mean because you don’t pay it, all the ministers in your church are dying of hunger or…”

O’Kenny was speechless.

Abbey patiently educated him on the benefits inherent in obeying all biblical instructions, including the payment of tithes and offerings in full and on time.

What was the outcome?

There was a drastic positive change in his life and home. This was the reason he said he became a responsible husband and father. He was a middle level public servant working with a state government.

He was able to go back to University for his first degree; without members of his family suffering for it.

This is a true life story. Do you know that the Holy Bible was written for your good? It remains unchangeable. Human opinion can never alter God’s principles.

Therefore, go and reap the huge benefits of obedience to the Scriptures. Let it liberate you, too.

The Lord is coming soon. Stay blessed and rapturable.


About 4thlink

I am a full time Minister of God based in Nigeria,West Africa. I am an accountant turned preacher with grace to utter a word of comfort for every person that needs it. I have special interest creating a happy home because I hate divorce as God does.I've been used of God to heal broken homes & hearts. My hobbies include,reading,writing,photography & listening to good christian music.
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