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Stone Throwers

Stone Throwers, Throw stones Like rain showers. Stone Throwers, Throw stones At those on the thrones. Stone Throwers May be in the wilderness, Together with their leaders. Stone Throwers, Murmur,murmur and murmur, Murmur at their leaders. Stone Throwers, Grumble,grumble and … Continue reading

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A Rebellious Trip

When God shows you a way to go and you obey Him,the journey will easy but if you choose another,you will to lick your fingers. Continue reading

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Are You One Of Them?

Have you taken your time to ask “Who Is A Christian or Who Are Christians?” The following answer, I hope, will satisfy you. Think about it! Christians are a set of once bad people redeemed by their Lord from their … Continue reading

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January Prayer

It is a good thing to commit your way into God’s hand and walk with Him in holiness. Continue reading

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