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Fine Buttered Bread

A non – Christian but a religious leader made a remark while preaching against Christianity that “‘x’, our religion is a fine buttered bread and you see Christianity is eat and be well bread. So, it is only those who … Continue reading

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Abigail! Beautiful, A woman of good understanding. Abigail! A wife, Wife of a man living in prosperity. Abigail, Hasty, The savior of her household. Abigail, A soldier, Urgently, Wards off evil determined against her territory. Abigail, Humble, Though in comfort, … Continue reading

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Dangerous Beauty

Satan’s apples are Beautiful, but The inside are filled with Poison – A Beautiful Poison! Satan’s apples, don’t eat any; Because they are many. Serpent may point To you,a Beautiful Fruit. Do not consider it A good for food Fruit. … Continue reading

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