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Dangerous Ratios:Reason Two(contd)-The Voice Of A Woman.

In the last write-up,we have discussed the effect and outcome of heeding a woman’s voice in the garden of Eden. This affected mankind in general until today. Let us consider more voices of women and their negative effects on their … Continue reading

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Dangerous Ratios: Reason Two-THE VOICE OF A WOMAN

The number of people going to hell increases daily. One of the common reason is heeding the voice of a woman. Happy reading. Continue reading

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Dangerous Ratio: Reason One

To enter the Kingdom of God can not be by compromise, most importantly for a woman, although it concerns every saint. For the purpose of this piece, the word ‘woman’ will feature prominently because a woman, Eve,started being the mother … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Month of June

Another month has ended on May 31,2012 but God has not ended with you. It is the begining of His unending love,care,peace and prosperity for you and all that are yours. May the words of your mouth and meditation of … Continue reading

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