The instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ,widely known as ”the Great Commission”, (Acts 1:8) is the main focus of this blog. You can call it “obedience blog”. The Master’s command fall into 4 parts being His witness in
1. Jerusalem 2. Judea 3. Samaria and 4. to the uttermost part of the earth.
The birth and growth of on-line activities can play a significant role in reaching the end of the earth by Christ’s Witness.
Therefore, you can read here Printed preachers (Tracts) and articles that can help in turning everything around for better in your life.
You will never regret ever coming to this place. Happy reading!
You may be interested to know about the man behind this project. I am a full -time Gospel Minister with great love for the Word of God. The Lord has given me the grace to bring out the treasures in the Scriptures as well as analysis of God’s kingdom matters.
I have a great concern for Christians’ walking and standing before the Lord.
My hobby: Music, photography, reading and writing, Looking for a way to utter a word of comfort.