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Dangerous Ratio For Kingdom Candidates

On April 14,2011,an article titled “Dangerous Ratios” was published on this blog.The title will now be resumed and treated in series as the Lord grants the grace.We trust the Lord will guide us into all understandings and the series will … Continue reading

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Stop It! (the mad rush)

Think of the things you want now in quick succession.Irrespective of your age,there are some goodies of life that, if possible,you will like to have them at the same time.You may be ready to do anything to have them. You … Continue reading

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Golden Plus

Planned and expected, The day arrived,the day of joy; When a bouncing baby boy was born The first seven years, The perfect years Saw the wilderness,playing host To the new arrival. He was taken away From the wiles of those … Continue reading

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Away! Away!!

Whatever you do to the poor and needy will determine your position after this life. Continue reading

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You Are A Witness!

Thank God for the grace we have been given to consider Ten Witnesses that testified that Jesus Christ Is The Son Of God. By now,you must be wondering what Plus You in the theme could connote.This is simple.You are an … Continue reading

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May Prayer

May the Lord grant you the power and the spirit to do only what please God.May He be pleased with you and satisfy your soul with every good in His hand.Welcome to May of mercy.

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